Passionate about culture and art, Sidney Carron has always been a great traveler. He created his first mother of pearls jewels collection in Bali: Hippie time...

Subsequently, his architecture studies catched him up and lead him to more minimalistic and graphic collections. His passion for architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe as well as his encounters with "Le Modulor" and Le Corbusier will influence his work and affirm the Sidney Carron spirit as it is renowed across the word.

His quest for perfect shapes is part of the house signature that and appears in our collections in a way that will let them last for ever.

Sidney Mother of Pearl

Sidney Carron essentially works with silver-plated metal, the mirror-like shine and brilliance of jewelry is the result of a long and patient manual polishing, they are a hallmark of the house. Other materials are also present such as leather, steel, ...

The jewels are still entirely handmade in Sidney Carron's Paris studio, which received the label Fabriqué à Paris (Made in Paris) awarded by the City of Paris. French manufacturing and know-how are thus guaranteed.

label fabriqué à Paris